short moral stories in hindi

short moral stories in hindi

short moral stories in hindi  Once upon a time, in a quiet forest, there lived a wise old owl. The owl was known throughout the forest for its wisdom and knowledge. All the animals would come to the owl seeking advice and answers to their questions.

One day, a young rabbit approached the owl with a question. “O Wise Owl,” the rabbit said, “Can you tell me what the secret to happiness is?”

The owl thought for a moment and replied, “The secret to happiness, dear rabbit, lies in two simple things: gratitude and contentment. Be grateful for what you have, no matter how little it may seem, and learn to be content with it.”

The rabbit was puzzled. “But Wise Owl,” it said, “I have so little compared to others. How can I be happy with so little?”

The owl nodded and said, “Happiness is not measured by how much you have, but by how much you appreciate what you have. There will always be those who have more and those who have less. But true happiness comes from being content with the present moment and finding joy in the simple things.”

The rabbit thought about this advice and decided to give it a try. It started to appreciate the green meadows, the warm sunshine, and the friendship of other forest animals. Over time, the rabbit realized that it had indeed found happiness in gratitude and contentment.

And so, the moral of the story is: Happiness is not found in having more, but in appreciating what you have and being content with it.


Title: “The Lost Explorer of Emerald Jungle”

In the heart of the dense Emerald Jungle, where the leaves glistened with morning dew and the calls of exotic birds echoed through the trees, there lived a renowned explorer named Amelia. With her khaki hat pulled low and a map clutched tightly in her hands, she ventured deep into the unexplored wilderness.

One day, as Amelia was deciphering ancient inscriptions on a moss-covered temple, a sudden earthquake shook the ground. The temple’s entrance collapsed, trapping her inside. Determined and fearless, she pressed on, her flashlight cutting through the darkness.

Amelia encountered a tribe of talking parrots, their vibrant feathers matching the jungle’s brilliance. They revealed the legend of the Jungle Guardian, a mystical creature who could guide her back to safety. The parrots warned her of the treacherous paths and whispered ancient incantations to summon the Guardian.

Following their guidance, Amelia embarked on a perilous journey, crossing vine bridges and wading through sparkling streams. As night fell, the jungle came alive with the soft glow of fireflies, casting a magical aura over the trees.

Finally, deep within the heart of the jungle, Amelia met the Jungle Guardian—a majestic jaguar with eyes as wise as the ancient trees. The Guardian sensed her plight and led her through secret passages, guiding her back to the sunlight.

Emerging from the jungle, Amelia was greeted with cheers from the villagers who had feared she was lost forever. She shared her tale, emphasizing the kindness of the parrots and the wisdom of the Jungle Guardian. The village rejoiced, and from that day on, they revered the jungle as a place of both danger and enchantment, where brave hearts could find their way home with the help of unexpected friends.

Moral of the Story: In the face of challenges, kindness, courage, and unexpected friendships can guide us through the darkest of times, leading us safely back to the light.

Feel free to adapt and expand upon this story to create your own jungle adventure!

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