The cunning crow

The cunning crow

The cunning crow Once it was very hot. Ek ko abhat piya mate. He looked for water here and there but could not find it anywhere. Suddenly a horse gave him a ditch. He was very happy. He flew to the pitcher. Water in a pitcher
There was very little. The crow’s beak could not reach the water.

He was very clever. He thought of a recipe, picked up a pebble in his beak and started pouring it into the pitcher. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. In the same way, pebbles were poured into the pot.

Slowly the water in the pitcher came up. The crow sat on the top and now the water had risen so high that the crow’s beak reached the water easily. The crow drank a lot of water and quenched its thirst. Then he sat on the tree and rested.
Heat      thirsty    to find   Pitcher beak   Extinguish the beak

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