Bedtime Stories and Kids Poems!

Here is a short bedtime story for kids:

The Little Star

Once upon a time, there was a little star up in the night sky. All the other stars were big and bright, but this little star shone very dimly.
“I wish I could shine as bright as the others,” thought the little star.
Just then, a shooting star zipped past. “Why so dim, little one?” asked the shooting star.
“I’m just not as bright as the big stars,” said the little star sadly.
“Don’t worry,” said the shooting star. “Your light doesn’t need to be the biggest. As long as you shine with all your heart, that light will touch someone.”
“Really?” asked the little star.
“Yes!” said the shooting star. “Now shine your best, little one, and sweet dreams to all below!”
From that night on, the little star shone with all its heart. Though small, its light brought joy to anyone who looked up and saw it twinkling in the sky. The end.

Here is a short kids poem:


The sun goes down, the sky gets dark
It’s time for rest, it’s time for park
Brush your teeth and get your PJs on
Snuggle in bed until the dawn
Close your eyes and drift to sleep
As in dreams your toys you keep
Tomorrow’s a new day to have fun
Sweet dreams, my dear, till morning comes!

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