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Top10 inspiring stories

Top 10 inspiring stories

10 inspiring stories Once upon a time, a very large art gallery declared a contest in which they announced that whoever could create the world’s best print depicting a painter’s piece would receive a prize of 10 million dollars. I spread and thousands of painters from all over the world sent their bids, they finally shortlisted 100 paintings and put up an exhibition of these 100 paintings

. They were also sitting, there was a crowd of thousands of people along with the media people because the prize amount was so big, so everyone was interested in knowing who would win, how the painting would be and who would be the painter who got such a big amount

. ga finally wa din ahi gaya all the paintings there were worth seeing and more than one there were some paintings with the most blood on them like one painting where a river of crystal clear water was flowing. Behind which some mountains were kissing on the top and the sunrise was coming from the back. It was so still that you could see the up-reflection in i

t. It was like a mirror of whatever was there and in the dark sky some stars were shining and a moon was shining and there was a painting in it

. There were absolutely white clouds, blue sky and absolutely green grass, that is, all the paintings are such that one can be admired just by looking at them. The contest was very tough because all the paintings were more than one, so the shortlist for the judges. To decide which painting is the best, but that moment was when the judges made up their mind and selected one painting from all these paintings and placed this painting behind a large cotton cloth in front of all those painters

. Media people were sitting and there were also thousands of people. Everyone’s anger was increasing because the amount was very large. No one seemed to understand what was going on in the actual gallery because the painting that was being shown there was not dubious of Shanti.

Is there a mistake made by the judges and a wrong painting has been placed there, so some punters went together with the owner of this gallery and went and asked if it was a mistake. If you did not put any wrong meaning there, then the gallery owner smiled a little and said no, this painting is perfectly fine.

The judges have selected this painting and this painting is the winner. and everyone revolted together and seeing this, all the media people stood up from their places and ran to the owner of the gallery and put their microphones in front of his mouth. Again, he who was the owner of the art gallery smiled a little and said that before telling me anything, you guys should look carefully at this painting, look a little closer,

maybe you will see something that is not visible from a distance. Because you have all seen one thing that in this painting there is blind, there is a storm, everything is collapsing around, there is lightning in the sky, there are black clouds, you have seen all this, but you have not seen one thing that There is also a house in the painting. There is a small window in this house where a man is standing. Go carefully and see the man who is standing and looking outside. There is no fear on his face from this house.

There is a slight smile, there is a stillness, there is a peace, and this is the true meaning of peace, that is, peace does not mean that everything outside us is pure and then we are peace because that is tumkarri, the true meaning of peace is that outside us. No matter what was happening, we were completely happy inside

we were our target, because whoever does not have a target, no matter how much you take him to a nice place and make him sit there, he will be sad even if he goes there. But on the other hand, the one who is glorious, no matter what is happening outside, no matter what the weather is like, even if everything is crashing inside him, there is a storm, but he will be completely glorious inside and that’s it. This is the true meaning of peace

inspiration hindi story

Once upon a time, there was a man living in a small village. There was a mountain near his house where he would go to Russia in the morning. He would sit on that mountain for a while and then go back. His little son was coming from behind.

He took hold of his hand and said that I will also go with you. It is small and the climb is too high, so you will not be able to walk with me, but then when this son was stubborn, I agreed, so both of them started climbing the mountain.

There was a ditch on the side and the slope was very small and they were about to reach the small part of the mountain, then a big stone came on the way, because he used to walk on this path every day, so he knew that there was a stone there, so he came from the side. He went out, but the son’s attention was elsewhere, so his knee went and hit the big stone, then a scream came out of the child’s mouth,

and as soon as he saw it, his voice started echoing in the mountains. The child had never heard the echo of his own voice before, so he did not understand what was happening. He is making fun then this child said who are you so when this child heard this echo he got angry he thought who is this who is going to make fun of me then he angrily said I will not leave you So, as soon as he heard this noise, he got scared and realized what was going on.

The one who is scaring me so much smiled a little and looked at the ditch and said loudly I love you so much that the child was surprised to hear that he didn’t understand what was going on. The man who is teasing and teasing him is saying to his son that I love you so much that his father saw his son and understood what he meant.

is going on and then again he said you are very good and hearing this his son also smiled a little now he asked if you know what is happening and then his father explained to his son this voice you Are you listening? It is not someone else’s voice. It is your own voice that is echoing in the mountains and you are hearing your own voice as you speak. So, the voice that will come back will be angry, but if you say something good,

that voice will also be good, just like it happens in our life as you think about this life in your mind, this life. It will be exactly the same for you. If you keep saying to yourself that my life is very bad, then your life will really be bad.

And if you love your life, you will love your life too. She will love him, this thought came home in the child’s mind and then they both went to the top of this mountain, but this was the same thing that was going on in the child’s mind.

And then the child laughed out loud and opened both his hands and said with all his might I love you so much.

How to change Life 21 Days challenge  chang (habits)

Who has told in this mind why a person becomes very big and there is someone whose fate is like this, everyone has got 24 hours, someone earns 100 crores, someone doesn’t earn even one lakh, what is the reason?

Consistency is the mind, what is inside it is habit and habit makes a human being. All these small minds are so powerful that you can’t even think, that’s why all the habits are stored in it. You do it because of your mind,

there is so much power in that mind that what is put in it is a matter of doing it with you. You have to tell this brain that brother, here is the energy, make 90 persts, where are you going to wash tomorrow, what do you have to do, if you need it, then record it in your voice and listen to it until you fall asleep. Then tomorrow, when you wake up, only that will be in your mind and the way to do it will be made by your mind.

There is another collar. Our energy for making decisions is limited, so wake up with energy, then the energy will only be used for work. Shouldn’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t choose to plan, prepare for battle. What does he do during the day,

he makes copies quietly, reads the news, plays with the children, prepares tests, that’s why his energy to take decisions for important tasks remains. What do you have to do at night? I’ll sit down, I’ll do it myself, that’s the rule number one, let’s move on, let’s change our habits. Morning is such that you can do any work with 100 percent efficiency.

In life, if you want to get to the top. So the work should be extra-ordinary and the extra-ordinary work can be done when you do the eggs with percent efficiency and when that happens, it is in the morning. I am not asking you to wake up at four or five o’clock. Yes, from seven o’clock to nine o’clock, you have to do these things that I am talking about now, your life will be bright, so in the medical morning book,

they say that they have almost finished their life. After only doing these things, here is the photo of Helitrol 199 at the time of the accident. The doctor said that it was no more. That all three speakers are bestsellers and became ultramarathon runners.

Don’t do it in the second place. Talk to yourself positively. raheho kuch to tha exercise 5th reading 6th journaling write to your poor that you have ever seen such a thing like sometimes they do something for an hour which they can’t do even for seven days only that one hour doesn’t come back same focus now The same failure does not occur,

the same attention does not return. Think of such three hours if you can spend on any task whenever you want, for as long as you want, and it will be done when you do these six things. Above it is written, wake up at seven o’clock, wake up at seven o’clock, you will give two eggs, man, you are not giving, you are getting, you are getting every hour, which is equal to 10 hours, you are getting time. It’s been a morning, but you have to get up for it. There are very easy things to break

I will emphasize on it, no, just a little willpower is needed, sleep on time, keep the pain away, drink a lot of water before going to sleep at night, so that if the pain is gone, you will go to the toilet and you will wake up.

Even if you are late, get up. If you are asleep at two o’clock, don’t worry, get up. You will still sleep tomorrow, because then you will have to get up to make a schedule. Put two more keys in the other room and it will ring. You will have to get up for that. You can use Alami. There are many options in it. If you do the equation of the match, then the announcement will stop. Now shake the phone. So it will be closed.

10 15 Lines Up Motivation Give that you have to do it. Don’t say that you like it. It only takes five minutes in the morning to make yourself sweat. First you tell your pillow that I have to wake up at this time. According to Reasons, the University of Lübeck asked 15 qualityrs to sleep on the bed at night. Some of the 15 were told to wake you up at 9 o’clock

, and some were told to wake you up at 6 o’clock. Those who were told at nine o’clock were also picked up. After that, when their brains were agitated, it was found that those who were told at six o’clock that they would be picked up at four o’clock in their minds.

The level spike had started meaning the brain was ready to wake up and G was woken up at nine o’clock in his brain. Tell him what time to wake up. Another amazing thing is that you can schedule your private talk on Facebook Instagram. There are enough apps for the province.

From whom you can schedule your post, you can schedule it for the province and the private thing will be deleted because it has to be deleted. If you get it, promise yourself that if I don’t wake up immediately, I will fit the note of 500. More than 90 percent of people will default on the note and get up,

and those who are rich, 10 percent will also read the second note. Another line in Ja ke Alti is any habit, man, if you keep doing what seems easy, life will be difficult, and if you do what seems difficult, life will be easy. There is no, but sleep should also be taken properly. 40 percent chances are reduced by meter slip.

In the comparison of this human being of eight color, which is less than seven eight hours, and how many attacks there are, you will have to read news updates if If you want to sleep at night with something that will wake you up with natural energy, then for better sleep you can listen to audiobooks on Koko FM.

There are a lot of edbooks now as we speak Habits of Habits Top Habits Habits to Change Your Life Success Habits Habits of Finally Skilled People Creative Habits of School Artists This is edibox and one of my personal favorites is Power of Everything called Mind. The book we talked about in the beginning is an audiobook of 30 episodes I listened to on Coco FM

I really enjoyed it Full of value There are 10,000 similar audiobooks on Coco FM We have spare contacts on mobile By consuming it, you put mind power and by watching the screen, you put power to your eyes, instead of it, you can see the banner display in audio format, you can consume content, which changed your life. Monthly cost is only 99 rupees. If CM 15 then the first month will have to be paid only 49 rupees. Already 25 lakh people have taken the membership.

Yes, if you also want to take it, the link is in the description. Let’s move on. Now let’s get a little more connected. What is the cause of all these problems? There is government rush, meaning that the mind does not find satisfaction in small things, in working hard, in good food, not in giving glory. He was not getting food in this cage.

He pressed the level and got food. As soon as he felt hungry, he pressed the lever to get food. He was given a current as soon as the current Mirza pressed the lever the current stopped then what happened after that was that the light was on before the current was applied then as soon as the light is on then the next time it happens that the lever is known to him.

That it is pressed one that is pressing the lever in pursuit of hunger, the other to escape the pain, that lever again, then the third experiment map that is put in a cage whose main was full, but when it later felt hungry, the lever press He did it because he knew that by pressing it the food would remain but the food did not come. He pressed the food a second time and ate a little.

Not when he was hungry but it’s called that so he had to press and that was Sam where we do when scrolling through social media we’re also being rewarded in the same way that I’m again one and this I will call you, it will be fun. Sometimes the video is good. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is fun.

Put your mong mode on, that is, for 21 days, you don’t have to do anything that gives the mind a lot of pleasure, be it food, mobile, music, walking, jhatpata house, beta house, anything can be if you want to make yourself work. If you want to get into the habit of working, then first you have to do dummy ladies in this work.

When you have already drunk water, then you will not be tired, but in the desert, you will work hard for a glass of water. I have to put that means to keep away from the fun things so that even a glass of water is more village boys have to go for you than the city ones. When you are on the board to add things, then you should not speak Clint.

Cross it up and you should have a map so that the entire calendar is filled with a cross. Somebody asked Chili Senefit comedian that I also have covidin towards you. What are you doing? He said 300 paise.

Buy a religious calendar and practice writing jokes every day, the day the entire calendar will be filled with crosses will become you. It has been said that once you can be worried, you can be sad or if you don’t do it, you can be sad for the rest of your life because of the scarcity of money. Manning, do you understand that this is what I am eating, that I am getting up early in the morning, I do not accept mocking, that I am in jail, this is the pain, if you understand Manning that this is an injection

. It’s hurting but it’s getting cured. All of them are taking this tree and once they get rid of the pain, it gets heavy and doesn’t feel fit. Then it goes into practice. Research says 66 days. It seems like a complete program, after which there is a problem after that, it has to be played. Now, things are running in a flow or autopilot. Yes, now let’s talk, time is wasting, doesn’t it say that we have very little time, we can’t do it, this is a lie, whenever you say this to yourself.


Whether they are chatting or going many times, big thoughts are also covered in it, which turn into hours in small minutes, the solution of which is Gas Suno, the biggest solution to time blocking. Block it to be at this time no matter what happens it only takes five minutes I’m wondering what time it should be in which time log but it takes a whole day’s worth of creativity Prime Blockup Done because the time is fixed. Many times I just start in five minutes and get kicked out.

So I have to give it a time sand like I do when I think I want to shoot out of breath. Two blocked. Do anything at this time. I have to do it. If I have to do it, then almost the chances of putting it in are reduced. By blocking the time, you will do any work now. You will not waste time. And do it in enough time,

four teams, two and one start, because if you don’t do it, your mind will make you stupid again, it will give you a reason not to do it, so whenever you wake up in the morning, do the best. The task that seems tough at first, according to this role, should be four to one start in this way. If you want to do the work in seven days,

it will be done. No, because you’re used to it, it’ll delay for a second and tell you to breathe, and when you’re doing the phantom in a second, you’ll be like, man, what am I doing? I need to work, you will wake up, let’s go till now, this was the whole video on top of one habit, friends, on top of habit, this is my cure, a start. Give me fun and another video for you and good bro the rest of you will benefit too

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