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english motivation story

english motivation story

small motivational story in hindi When he was in need of food, he borrowed money on interest and was unable to pay the person from whom he borrowed the money.

And he had to marry the merchant’s daughter, so the old man said that if you marry your daughter to me, I will waive the entire card. He plays work

In which I will place two stones in a small pot, one white and one black. The merchant’s daughter has to remove stones from this potli. If the stone comes out, I will forgive you.

But they have to get married. Both father and daughter agreed. The whole village was assembled and bees were also seen there. The stones are black and a black stone means that the cards will be forgiven but the marriage will have to take place. If the girl refuses to play the game, the marriage will be saved, but the father’s debt will not be forgiven.

And if he insulted the old man by removing both stones, that person would take revenge sometime, so the last option was to remove one of the stones, which would turn black and I had to do that. Marry him with debt forgiveness. The gay girl played the game cleverly, she took out a stone and acted and dropped it on the ground and the stone fell down and mixed with many black and white stones, the girl said oh shit it fell by mistake.

But we do one thing and check by removing another stone from the potli, the old Vecti was stuck there, when we took out the second stone from the potli, it came out black, that is, the stone that fell down was white and the whole village was watching, bees. She was also seeing that now the debt has been waived off.

And you don’t have to do that at a wedding because the stone that was picked up and thrown down was mistakenly called a fight. Second

machli wala hindi inspiring story

The merchant was sitting on the edge of the 20 He looked at the fishermen and said, “How long does it take you to catch so many fish?” He said, “It’s not much. It only takes a little time. In business, why don’t you spend a little more time fishing and bring in a few more fish?”

If you catch it, you will make more money. Being a merchant and a fish is enough. What about a trader? I spend time with my friends. I drink and have fun. I play the guitar.

Then I go to sleep, businessman, you earn more money by catching fish, save money and buy a board for it, which will catch more fish in less time and thus get another boat and thus you have your team. making You will have to teach your work to others, but you will be able to establish a company, build a production plant and control the packing and distribution of fish.

And open your branches in other cities apart from one city. Party music aur chal se chale rahe gaye mansoor bit yeh toh main ahibhi karte

The businessman could not say anything further. Turns out he quit his business and settled down with a facial med. What are you doing? Find out what to do next. the story

Ameer Bnki Kawaish motivational kahani in hindi

Every boy wanted to be rich and asked Grothy to tell me something by which I could earn a lot of money. It can also change the way things sound and this pebble is considered a bit hot. Take it to Pakistan. The pebble that turns everything into gold. He started working. His hands every day

A pebble used to come in. For a second he was very hot. That is, he used to check that it does not mix with the rest of the pebbles. He has been doing this for a month, hours and hours a day. Two months, three months, four months. He was accustomed to take the pebble in his hand and throw it into the sea in five months

. In five months, he finally took it in hand. also threw him into the sea and as soon as he threw him, hit him on the head with a joint and shouted, “What have I done?” By taking B, it becomes your habit and the day a good opportunity comes, with the help of this habit, you also accidentally take it in the circle. Count the days. A single day can change the life of a single hearing person

Business Idea story motivation

One thing, I want to eat in a restaurant with my son and saw that the condition of the restaurant is very bad, the dirt is also a devilish duty, the food was not delicious. They have these hotels, they can make them as big as they want, but if they’re not doing it, why aren’t they doing it in restaurants? Bill after dinner

While paying, the owner received a careless card and was told, “This restaurant doesn’t have enough income, folks. And they don’t, so we don’t pay attention to it, we don’t invest. Our earnings keep the truck running. Later the son goes from there and sees that there is a huge resword standing there.Five and how many people are there

are wonderful This is because of the restaurant. I used to earn fast by giving a medicine and I didn’t pay attention in the restaurant, but I don’t know what current caused the medicine to go bad and no one could fix it, so I had to work in the restaurant to earn money. Had to be forced to. I paid attention and found that doing business in Hotel Balance was my inner voice. Which truck are you breaking with your talent and inner voice? Next story

Motivational stories in hindi for students

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