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The servant and the prince

The servant and the prince

The servant and the prince servant and prince    a folk tale from mongolia

Once upon a time, there lived a cruel prince in Mongolia. He was very evil and cruel towards his servant. The servant was very intelligent and hardworking. The prince got pleasure from beating his servant and he used to beat the servant a lot without any mistake.

One day the prince and his servant were going to a neighboring country. The prince was riding on a strong and strong horse, while the servant was following him on a weak horse.

They had to cover long distances. After a few hours, the sky became cloudy and loud thunder was heard at some distance behind them. The prince was a coward and was very afraid of thunder. He looked for a place to hide but could not find any. His servant had not been able to catch him yet. So the prince slowed down his strong horse and started waiting for the servant. When he saw the servant, he shouted, “Don’t follow me, fool! Stay with me!”

The servant replied, “How can I keep pace with you? My horse is too weak.” Hearing this the prince became angry and roared, “It means you did not feed the horse properly. It is all your fault. What have you been doing all this time, lazy man?” Then he hit the servant on the head as hard as he could.

At the same time there was a flash of lightning in the sky. The prince became so frightened that he closed his eyes tightly. The servant saw this and suddenly got a brilliant idea. He took advantage of the opportunity and swung his whip and hit the prince on the head. The prince felt as if lightning had struck him. He panicked.

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