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Kava aur Chidiya Ki Kahani

Kava aur Chidiya Ki Kahani

Kava aur Chidiya Ki Kahani Children, now we are going to listen to the story of the crow and the bird. It rained a lot and the dung house of the crow was completely washed away.

He came to the bird’s house and knocked on the door and said, “Let me come to your house, come, come.” I am bathing my baby. After a while Anna flew away and after a while she came back to sleep and said, “Should I go to your house?” Don’t come, I’m feeding my baby.

I’m feeding my baby. Say no, my crow, grandfather, don’t go now. My child is sleeping now, my child is sleeping now. The door was opened and the crow came in and sat straight down on the pot where the khichdi was kept. He ran away from there and said as he was going,

“The bird ate the mother’s khachidi, it started to ask, the bird ate the wife’s khachidi, it started to ask, if it hurt anyone, then it ran away.”


bachchon, ab ham kaue aur chidiya kee kahaanee sunane ja rahe hain. bahut baarish huee aur kauve ka gobar ghar pooree tarah se bah gaya. vah chidiya ke ghar aaya aur daravaaja khatakhataaya aur kaha, “chalo main tumhaare ghar aatee hoon, aao, aao.” main apane bachche ko nahala rahee hoon. thodee der baad anna ud gaee aur thodee der baad vah vaapas aakar so gaee aur bolee

, “kya mujhe tumhaare ghar jaana chaahie?” mat aao, main main apane bachche ko doodh pila rahee hoon. main apane bachche ko khila rahee hoon. kaho nahin mere kaue daada, abhee mat jao. mera bachcha abhee so raha hai, mera bachcha abhee so raha hai.

daravaaja khula aur kaua andar aakar baith gaya seedhe us bartan par jahaan khichadee rakhee thee. vah vahaan se bhaag gaya aur jaate-jaate bola, “chidiya ne maan kee khachidee kha lee, vah poochhane lagee, chidiya ne patnee kee khachidee kha lee, vah poochhane lagee ki kya?” kisee ko chot pahunchaee, to bhaag gaya

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