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The missing buRt

The missing burt

Amina Maham
The missing bust Ten-year-old Zainab was very fond of sparrows. She was very happy to see birds flying, chirping, and chirping. Australian and green parrots were especially good to her. Once she told her mother that she wanted to keep a parrot. But Mummy said that parrots don’t like to be in captivity, they love their freedom.

There are many sparrows living on the trees in front of the house. They peck very well, see them. Zainab obeyed Mimi and gave up her stubbornness to buy a parrot. After coming from school, standing on the balcony, all kinds of sparrows. She used to watch the Australian parrots of the family in front of her.
One day Zainab came to the room in the evening and saw an Australian parrot sitting in her room.

Small gray in color, red eyes, thin tail. It was waving up and down continuously. He had never seen this parrot before.
Zainab was very happy to see the parrot in the room, ran and called Mimi. She said that it is Shama. He speaks sweetly and whistles well. Hissed the parrot, so that it would go back through the door.

“Is this a parrot or his baby?” Zainab asked Mimi. Ko started hissing. Sometimes he would sit on the tube light in the room, sometimes he would sit on the wall clock, sometimes on the fan blades and sometimes on the frame of a large painting.
Zainab and her mummy tried their best but he never went to the door. The door opened onto the balcony and he came from here.

“Let’s do this and leave him here for now. He will find his way in the morning.” Mimi said and went to the kitchen. “Okay. He will be our guest tonight.” Zainab was happy. When her father came home, he tried to catch the parrot and asked Zainab to bring the cage placed on the roof, Zainab was happy and went to the roof and ran and brought the cage.

After a while, Zainab was very worried. She said to papa, that he is sitting quietly, is he sick? So his papa did not tell him why he left his friends. He is sad. He will be fine for a day or two. But Zainab didn’t feel sick. Finally, a plan came to his mind that the family in front of him kept parrots, where the parrot is not theirs, they should find out. I went to their house and found that none of their parrots flew away.
So they told that in the morning a parrot had flown and now his parrot was very sad, so Zainab told them that their parrot had flown to her house, so they brought their parrot from their house after a while. They came and the parrot went back to its home. Thus, through the efforts of Zainab, the parrot was reunited with its family.

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